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10 Costly Affiliate Marketing Automation Blunders

That Business Owners Should Avoid When Building An Affiliate Marketing Revenue Stream


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by Bryan Kesler, CPA in Affiliate Marketing, Blog

Hey! My name is Bryan Kesler and I am a father, licensed CPA, online course creator and *lowers his voice*

Affiliate Marketer.


I know I know, I don’t fit the greasy sleazeball stereotype…

I don’t rent Bentleys and beach houses and withdraw my life savings in cash to take photos with or brag about finding one weird sales tactic that tricked Google and Facebook into giving me seven figures a day that you can ripoff.

All I do is focus on educating my audience so that I can connect them to the BEST product specifically for them and then automating that process so that I can get back to focusing on what matters most, scaling my business and serving my existing customers.

That’s it.

And in the past 48 months (with the help of this automated affiliate marketing revenue stream) I have gone from $0 to $850,000 in affiliate commission and built a multiple 5 figures per year digital product biz.

The best part is that I was able to achieve this by driving fewer than 450,000 unique visitors to my various online businesses!

Now I tell you this not to brag, but to show you what IS possible when you automate your Affiliate Marketing Revenue Stream the right way.

I’ve learned ALOT in the past 48 months and I want to share with you the 10 Costly Affiliate Marketing Automation Blunders that I’ve made and I see online business owners make when they try to add an affiliate marketing revenue stream to their business.

Hope you enjoy!

Costly Blunders #1

Not Tracking Your Affiliate Sales – Or Failing To Know How To Do So!

When you sell your own products you track EVERYTHING (or you should) so that you can know exactly where every sale is coming from so that you can make business decisions based on hard data.

Why would your affiliate marketing sales be any different?

When investing in click tracking software and utilizing your affiliate networks for your affiliate promotions you MUST ensure that you can utilize one of three sales tracking methods: Postback URL, SubID, and Conversion Pixel tracking.

When you can know exactly where each affiliate sale is generated you can calculate your TRUE Return on Investment and infinitely scale your paid ad campaigns.

If you would like to know more about Click Tracking and Affiliate Sales Tracking, then click the button below and I can send you my 8 Proven Steps to Adding Affiliate Revenue (On Auto-Pilot) To Your Online Business Cheat Sheet.


costly Blunders #2

Throwing Up A Generic Resource Page and “Praying” People Visit It

The generic resource page is a dime a dozen on blogs and business websites all around the web…

How can you be different?

Well you need to create a three different ‘Profit Pages’

The first Profit Page is the Comparison Profit Page which unlike the generic resource page is going to be a page devoted to comparing and contrasting ALL the different products in a specific product category.

The second type of Profit Page is the Deep Dive Profit Page, which is going to be an in-depth written review of each of the products listed on your Comparison Profit Page.

The final Profit Page is going to be your Promo Profit Page which is where you make a hard sell to use your affiliate link by providing your audience with any available discounts, free trials or consultations etc… once you have fully educated them.

 If you would like to learn more how to create your own profit pages, I will show you how I went from $0 to $850,000 in affiliate commission using these three Profit Pages in less than 48 months from less than 450,000 unique visitors in my Free Affiliate Marketing Formula Cheat Sheet. Download it below.


costly Blunders #3

Only Promoting What You Personally Use Because It Works For You

When you only promote the products that you personally use you are only helping a small portion of your audience (and missing out on a HUGE opportunity to significantly increase your affiliate revenue.

Just because a product or service works well for you does not mean it will work for 100% of people.

It’s your responsibility as a trusted voice in your industry to research and review all the products in any category you promote so that you can fully educate your audience on the pros and cons of each.

In order to properly educate your audience, it does require a bit of leg work from you, because you need to find all the good (and the bad) products that are out there and compare and contrast them for your audience.

When your audience is educated on which product or service works best for their specific needs then you will exponentially increase your affiliate revenue because you will be serving 100% of your audience.

costly Blunders #4

Not Having an Affiliate Marketing Revenue Stream Period (Because YUCK! Affiliate Marketing Is A Dirty Word!)

While there are a few bad eggs out there who give Affiliate Marketing a bad name, you can’t let that bunch ruin all the fun for your online business.

Affiliate Marketing (when done right) can be a win-win-win situation for you, your audience and your affiliates.

Because unlike banner ads, you have the ability to educate and influence your audiences purchasing decision, and when you focus on the education FIRST it doesn’t even look like you are selling.

So the end result when Affiliate Marketing is done RIGHT is that your audience gets educated and connected to the product or service they need the most, your affiliate gets a sale and you get a commission for generating the sale.


costly Blunders #5

Not Promoting ENOUGH Products or Services To Your Audience

Most online businesses aren’t promoting enough products or services because they are afraid of annoying their audiences.

But here is the thing….

You are an authority in your niche and your audience relies on you to know what products and services they should be using to save time, save money or just improve their overall quality of life.

So as long as you are educating your audience along the way, they won’t care how many products you promote (within reason of course!)

costly Blunders #6

Assuming Affiliate Marketing Isn’t Worth Your Time Because It Only Works For Books and Other Small Dollar Items

As an online business owner, time is your most valuable resource which is why it is important to ensure that when you are promoting an affiliate product that it is worth your time.

With that being said I have promoted products with a value of $3,000+ all the way down to $150 and sometimes the $150 product converts significantly higher than the $3,000+ product and ended up being more profitable because of the commission rate and sales volume.

You never know until you try.

I recommend focusing on the high dollar value products and services first in your niche as they will give you the biggest bang for your buck, but you also need to consider Affiliate Commission rate flexibility and sale volume potential.

costly Blunders #7

Not Promoting A Product Because The Commission Rate Is Too Low

Managing affiliates is no easy task for companies so they try to weed out as many non-serious affiliate marketers as possible by offering a super low commission rate up front.

The secret to higher commission rates is to just prove that you are an influencer by driving as MANY sales as possible and making the job of your affiliates as easy as possible.

You want to prove that you can do their job better than they can and once you have proven yourself they will see that you are worth the commission rate and give you almost anything you want.

costly Blunders #8

Not Utilizing The Largest Video Search Engine In The World To Promote The Products and Services You Are Promoting

Writing blogs post reviews of products is great, BUT video is still king in terms of building instant authority and trust with your audience.

Many ‘affiliate marketers’ don’t bother creating video reviews because they are lazy, don’t actually have the product or service in their possession when they ‘review’ the affiliate promotion or just don’t understand the power of video reviews.

This is why I ALWAYS try to have a few Power Video Reviews on my Comparison Profit Pages because it PROVES that I did a legitimate review of the product and that I’m a real person, not just some content creator from India.

Plus YouTube is an AMAZING way to drive tons of traffic on auto-pilot to your Profit Pages.

The more places you can show up the more raving fans you are going to build and the more likely they are to buy your affiliate promotions + YOUR products.

If you aren’t sure where to start when creating a Power Video Review (that actually builds authority and traffic) then I HIGHLY recommend you download my free cheat sheet below.

I promise you it will shave many many hours off of your learning curve 😉


costly Blunders #9

Not Using Your Podcast As An Affiliate Commission Negotiation Tactic

I see so many online businesses create a podcast just because it’s the thing to do.

Unfortunately, it turns into a treadmill with no real purpose because they are committed to publishing a weekly or monthly episode in the hopes of scoring a six figure advertising contract.

Remember, make your podcast work for you, NOT the other way around.

All you need to do is create a podcast series sharing your story, your successes (and more importantly your failures) and then how specific products and services helped you save time, money and overwhelm and then at the end of each episode you can pitch your profit pages or an affiliate coupon code or promotion.

Then once you have an established podcast series of just a few episodes focused solely on promoting your profit pages you can pitch interviews to your affiliates to give them very targeted exposure in exchange for bumps in Affiliate Commission!

costly Blunders #10

Focusing On Selling Instead Of Educating And Influencing

As an online business owner, it is very tempting to use your email list as a way to sell affiliate products.

I’ve seen it a million times and while it might work for a bit, eventually your audience will grow tired of being constantly pitched too.

If you want to stand out in your niche you MUST focus on educating 1st and then pitching a solution (your affiliate promotion).

Does it require extra work?


Will you feel better about yourself?


So the next time you are crafting an email series for an affiliate promotion focus on doing this:

  • Identify the common pain points typical customers of the product or service you are promoting have.
  • Start your email series revealing those pain points.
  • Aggrevate the pain points even more
  • Then tease a solution
  • Finally recap all the pain points and then explain how the product you are promoting solves them one by one.

If anyone in your audience experiences the pain points you discussed they would be CRAZY not to take you up on your affiliate promotion!

Key Takeaway

If you can avoid these 10 Costly Affiliate Marketing Automation Blunders, I am confident you will grow your business’s bottom line (on auto-pilot) and not have to worry about cash flow, banks or constantly running live promotions of your own products.

If you would like to know the EXACT step by step system I use to automate my Affiliate Promotions, then go ahead and click the button below and enter your email address so that I can send you my free cheat sheet ‘8 Proven Steps to Adding Affiliate Revenue (On Auto-Pilot) to Your Online Business’

I will see you on the inside!


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